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During the summer, I took part in a book launch event with Sarah and Amy Beeson, and while there, I met the lovely Saira from Barefoot Coaching. Having seen a powerful question on one of their coaching cards for new parents, which Sarah and Amy put in their goody bag from the event, I was curious to know what other cards they had in the range.

I shared my interest with Saira following the event and she kindly sent me two of the packs from the range to play with! I was excited to receive the coaching cards for children as well as the coaching cards for every day, as I love having coaching conversations with my son (I am both coach and ‘client’ with him, as you may note from my previous post!).

Coaching cards for kids

I showed my son both pack of cards and explained that one was questions especially for kids. He suggested we play in the morning over a cuppa (milk for him). We read several cards and he picked the first ones he wanted to talk about:


It’s really interesting to hear a child’s perspective on this. I don’t coach children (at the moment, this may change) but do taking a coaching approach in conversations and believe that when talking to children, it’s so important to remember what might seem like nothing to us, is a Big Deal to them. My son said the worst thing about being a child is having to go to school every day but he’s said different things each time I have asked. Each time, it tells me a lot about what’s going on in his head that day.

I hear a lot of adults saying they wish they could be a kid again, a longing for a simpler time. However, if we really think about it, at the time it didn’t feel so easy. Because we don’t know what we don’t know. As Tracy Slater over at Boston Moms Blog says, It’s Hard for Them, Too. While it was great to have this discussion, I was also glad we balanced the conversation by discussing what’s great about being a child!


All the cards in the deck are great conversation starters. My son is only 5 and these are aimed at 6 – 12 years olds but you can always adapt the question a little to your child. I think mine would have enjoyed ‘playing’ with these even from about 4. The cards I’ve chosen to share above are those I ‘suggested’ as the week we played with them, he was feeling a bit insecure about something. Exploring these cards together helped him to think in a more positive way about himself. Like affirmations without the ‘but this feels too silly Mummy’ (yeah I feel that too, that’s why I love this) factor. 😉

Coaching cards for every day


I’ve chosen to share the above card first as I love this question, and have used many variations of it! How many of you have heard (or even said yourself), “I’m great at giving advice but not at taking it”..? Are you nodding in agreement…? I love the way this question works by making you think of yourself as ‘other’… It’s so easy to get stuck in our feelings about things in the moment (especially if you’re an HSP) – I know from personal experience, and I am still working on this! – and this can make it hard to think objectively about a situation. However, if you take yourself out of the equation and imagine you’re helping a friend (or anyone else), then it’s easier to approach the issue in a different way and see it from all sides. It flipped my thinking on something I had been holding too tightly, before I had a coaching session myself on the subject!


As with my son, many of us struggle with self-esteem issues from time to time, which can be a response to many things. In the world of work for example, I find performance reviews can have a negative effect because they are too often focused on what is going wrong and not enough on highlighting strengths. This, among many, many other things, can feed the inner critic (or ‘self doubt demon’, beautifully illustrated here by Maddy at Writing Bubble). So I’m a big fan of building up the self love leopard (I’ve just made that up, does it work for you?) to build confidence. The questions on the cards above can wake the leopard up at the very least and if you keep these questions in mind, you can feed her (or him?) and then who knows what might happen…? I have noticed the hardest one for many to answer is:

“If you could give yourself a gift, what would it be?”

What would you give yourself? I’d love to know! My answer changes from day to day but I love thinking about this… If you share what your gift would be in the comments below, I’ll share whatever mine is at the time. Today it would be a holiday… Perhaps an indication that I need to book a day or two off, or at least have a change of scenery soon…

I am not in any way affiliated with Barefoot Coaching and didn’t receive any payment or incentive for reviewing these cards. I have never shared a review here but I requested these because I was interested, and was not disappointed. These every day cards offer a great way to get you thinking differently, which can sometimes be all that’s needed to get past a situation that feels a bit stuck. Of course, should you decide you want to go deeper with anything that comes up when considering these questions and could do with some extra support, then I’d recommend working with an experienced coach to help you create the space you’ll need to explore.

The Barefoot Coaching Cards for Life range offers Coaching Cards for Couples, Coaching Cards for Every Day, Coaching Cards for Children, Coaching Cards for Grandparents, Coaching Cards for New Parents and a seasonal stocking filler; Coaching Cards for Christmas. Each pack retails at £15 and all are available via the Barefoot Coaching Cards website.



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