How do you fly?

Since my last post, I’ve been reviewing a few things in my work and life – an ongoing exercise, which helps me to keep moving onwards and upwards. Perhaps you do the same around the start of the year?

I tend to feel a slight shift with every season and the last shift was in the spring, when I ran my first Proudly Imperfect Parents workshop and finally wrote my first blog post here, on letting go of perfection.

Be open to what wants to move through you

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Can you let go enough to trust your gut?

Do you ever feel a bit that something is ‘wrong’, seeing signs everywhere to move on as an indication that what you’re doing right now isn’t working? That’s what these shifts can feel like at times. But that’s just another story we tell ourselves.

Just because it’s time for a change doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with what you were doing before. It’s all just a part of the journey.



Pigeons and the problem with overthinking

A little while ago, I was out in the park with my son, who was running around, playing football and trying to climb trees when he suddenly stopped. “Mummy!” He shouted. “How do pigeons fly? And why don’t they do it all the time like other birds?” My initial response was the standard “That’s a good question, what do you think?” His response struck me. “Well I know they use their wings. But how do they do it…? Is it harder for them than… I know!” He ran off, towards the pigeons, “How do you fly pigeons?”, he shouted at them. How? How!” Startled by the sudden interruption, they took off.

He returned to me with a smile. “They fly when I chase them”, he said, forgetting the other questions but it got me thinking. The pigeons sit on the grass in this particular park, waiting to be fed, and they usually are. They’re pretty hardened city pigeons, who spend a lot of time on the ground and don’t startle easily but when confronted with a curious, energetic four-year-old and they feel the need to, they fly.

I’m a bit of a pigeon sometimes (not this sort of pigeon!). Staying on the ground waiting to be fed is easy, comfortable. Sort of. But when something shifts inside me and I listen to my gut, stuff happens. A new perspective, forward movement, maybe even a big leap. And if I ignore it for too long, pretty soon after something will startle me into taking flight.

I have no idea how I fly, I just do. And when I do, I wonder why I stayed on the ground for so long.

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So my question to you today is: How do you fly? Even if you’ve no idea or think that you can’t, pretend you can, and see where it takes you… And do share in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “How do you fly?

  1. I stayed in computer programming for years until I gradually realised I’d had enough. That’s when I flew on to technical writing. Years later, I’d had enough of that, too, and flew off again. Now I’ve found my ideal piece of ground; I write creatively. I don’t need to fly any more. You can have my wings.

    Thank you for leading me to this thought, Rachael 🙂

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