Making friends with our monsters

If you’ve been over to my Facebook page this week (you haven’t? Pop on over and say hi!), then you’ll know it’s my son’s first week of school. Some of you may be in the same boat, with kids either starting school, starting a new school or returning to a new class/new building/new teacher. Maybe you’re even doing something new yourself.

As with anything new – comparisons for us could be starting a new job, beginning (or returning to) further education or moving house –  there are a lot of unknowns. This makes it all a bit scary and it can take a while to settle (perhaps longer than most for the more sensitive among us).

My ‘Mushroom’, as he’s known online, has had some tearful mornings and although he’s always had fun at the end of the day, there was some talk of ‘monsters’ everywhere at the start… The way he embodied his fears got me thinking about our monsters and what we can do about them

Let me explain further as I make friends with one of my own monsters – around visibility and tech – video blogging! Watch (it’s only 4 minutes!):

Tell me about your monsters… Have you made friends with any? If not, what tiny steps could you take towards getting to know them better? Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

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