On life changes and new shoes

You know when you buy new shoes and they’re a little tight but they’re so gorgeous you know they’re worth it? Yes? Let’s talk about that.

If you’re thinking about the sort of shoes that will always be uncomfortable, stop right there. For me, those are occasional shoes. I’m not talking about those. No, I’m talking about everyday shoes. These should be the sort that you know will loosen up the more you wear them. Know what I mean? Well, this week I’ve been thinking about how life can sometimes be a bit like those shiny new shoes.

Shiny new shoes

When you change something, whether it’s starting a new job, learning a new skill for fun or even just changing your approach to something, to start with it can be a bit uncomfortable. Like those new shoes, it may pinch a little. But, if it’s the right choice for us, then in time that discomfort will lessen until those ‘new shoes’ start to feel almost as comfy as your favourite trainers (or boots, or slippers, or whatever your preference for comfortable footwear might be) – so much so that eventually you look forward to slipping your feet into them.*

Right now I’m wearing some new shoes and they do pinch a little. But I know that if I keep walking in them, they’ll loosen up. They’re already more comfy than they were last week and I have a sense of just how much I’ll love them when I’ve really broken them in. For now, I just have to remember that in order to break them in, I need to keep walking.

Get past discomfort - keep walking_WritingPeoplePoetry

Are you ‘wearing new shoes’ in any area of your life right now? Whether you’re still feeling the pinch or they’re starting to break in, I’d love to hear how you’re walking through the discomfort so do share in the comments below!

*If you’ve been walking in uncomfortable shoes for some time and they still pinch, it might be worth thinking about getting new shoes… Or starting a new story (now that’s something I can help with)!

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4 thoughts on “On life changes and new shoes

  1. I know that feeling all too well! My new shoes is cycling. I know it will pay off but at the moment I feel so uncomfortable (and unfit!) every time I head off in the morning. Can’t wait until that old slipper feel!
    I hope whatever it is you’re getting used to starts to feel the norm very soon xx

    (Thank you for joining in with #PRIDElinky you star!)

  2. I am just getting to the point where some new shoes feel comfortable and really loving it. A new job was also a self-demotion and with that comes worry that you should have kept the high pressure position because I’m getting older and that’s what everyone else thinks I should have done. But I am now walking tall and proud in the my new shoes and they feel great. Right life decision for me! Mel xx #pridelinky

    • Oh I’m so glad you’re at the place where you know you made the right decision! It can be hard to ignore everyone else’s ‘shoulds’ can’t it – I wrote about that recently too!

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