Words are my why… What’s yours?

“It’s perfect! Thanks Rachael. You are really good at writing!”

The words beamed at me from the screen, warming my chest, creeping into the upturned corners of my mouth and adding extra sparkle to my eyes, where the glow spread and gently nudged my creativity into further action.

Feedback is a gift

I know I’m a good writer. It’s taken me a long time to get to this place but years of writing for a living and repeated feedback, not to mention real cold, hard statistics showing increased audience engagement as a result of my words, have helped me to lose the ‘fraud’ mentality and believe it to be true. Still, it doesn’t hurt to hear a compliment sometimes, does it? And feedback like this reminds me of why I do what I do in the first place. The writing, the coaching, the bespoke poetry.. All of it.

She_was_fascinated_with_wordsWords are my why

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by language and the magic words can weave. Even seemingly simple expressions can have such a profound effect on the person receiving those words:

“I’m sorry”

“I love you”

We have all heard these words (I hope!) and they always affect us differently depending on the context and delivery. Add more complex layers and the effect can deepen, or not… “I love you when you…” Depending on what you add, this can make the compliment even more personal as it shows the specifics of that love, or negate it completely by making it conditional.

I couldn’t tell you how old I was when I started writing. But I do remember bits of one of the first poems I wrote; ‘Monday Morning Blues’, about not wanting to go to school. It was not an easy time for me but I didn’t go into that detail, it was a simple rhyming poem (a style I still love) that had been assigned as homework the previous week. I hardly remember the poem but I do remember the reaction when I had to read it out loud to the class… There was recognition. The other kids – for that brief moment – ‘got’ me – we had something in common. I had been in love with rhyming poetry for a while by this stage but this was the first time I had been the one weaving the magic with my words.

Over time, as I studied several languages, learned a little about linguistics and a lot about psychology, my love affair with words deepened. We fought now and then, sometimes losing touch for years, words and I, but now we’re pretty tight. Together, we create poetry with purpose, write copy that resonates with the audiences of businesses and causes we believe in and change the life stories of women who’ve lost their passion for life under layers of all the crappy stories we tell ourselves.

This. This is why words are my ‘Why’.

So, now you know a little more about me, why not share your passions in the comments below? I really want to know.. What’s your why?

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8 thoughts on “Words are my why… What’s yours?

  1. Feedback is a gift, you’re right and I also believe in the power of words. I remember as a child I learned piano and used to be terrified of exams. To get through them I used to imagine all the ‘good luck’s people had said to me, piled up around me as protection against things that could go wrong. I never failed an exam so maybe it worked! I can really see that words are your why – you are wonderful with them. Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting

    • Wow, what a powerful image of protection for your exams Maddy! That imagination has served you well ๐Ÿ™‚ – and thanks for the compliment! x

    • Thank you! And glad it made you think… Actually, words are my why but sometimes I say it’s people and their stories…. They’re all linked but words are like the roots… I’d love to hear your thoughts on your why (or roots!) at some point. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love this! So many gorgeous lines, but my favourite is: ‘We fought now and then, sometimes losing touch for years, words and I, but now weโ€™re pretty tight.’ I think for me it’s about stories, and in turn that’s about making sense of experience. I’m pretty into words too however. Words rock.

    • Wow, thanks Rebecca! Yes, I think for me words are the roots and then people and stories and how words can create change (an as you say, make sense of experience) tie it all together. It all started with words for me though, for sure.

  3. Me too, I have always loved words. They have and still are my solace, my escape and my freedom. I can write what I can’t always speak and it’s the most wonderful experience. And yes, how lovely to hear such great feedback too x

    • “I can write what I canโ€™t always speak”. Yes. And that’s how we find similar souls, is it not..? (Assuming we share! And I am so grateful for all the words you’ve shared with me Iona) x

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