WPP People: Monika’s Story

A while back I shared a (not so) small part of my personal story, and promised that there would be future posts sharing small parts/stories from my ‘WPP people’ (I just don’t like ‘tribe’ and couldn’t think of anything less cheesy than ‘my people’ so WPP People it is!).

These posts will be a mixture of client case studies, guest blogs and interviews from friends, teachers and mentors. In short, I’ll be showcasing people’s stories in one way or another with this series.

So… First up, a coaching client who is happy to share with you a little about herself and how we worked together to change her story… Let me hand over Monika to tell you more.

What was your story before we starting working together?
I was working as an Executive Assistant for a big Swiss bank in Zurich and was very unhappy in my job, not knowing what else I could do. Eventually, after having been unhappy for quite some time, I weighed up the pros and cons around the time I started working with you and then about a year ago as you know, I finally took the plunge and quit my job.

How did you find working with me?
I found you through a recommendation from a friend in London and you’ve been extremely helpful – both in getting me through the difficult time before I quit my job and also after.

You helped me to put things in perspective and stop my thoughts spinning so that I could evaluate things better. I found your guided meditation, which was part of the six-session package, extremely helpful  – especially as I am not a person who finds meditation very easy to do! You clearly assessed what I needed and created a personalised meditation that actually worked for me. Each time we’ve met or spoken, both during our initial six sessions and since, I’ve always find you to be a great listener; you’re so easy to talk to.

What was your story after our six sessions together?
Your support has been extremely helpful throughout this period (before quitting my job and after)  and has certainly helped me get a grip on things more (rather than losing myself in thoughts as I have done in the past). In the year since quitting my job, I have tried out a lot of different things and started to see the world in a more curious way.

What’s your story now?
I am definitely still not there – I’m still ‘writing’ my story (and don’t know what the end will be – but then do I have to..?) I still have a lot of ups and downs and it’s not all plain sailing.

However, I have found out a lot of things about myself and how my future “work” should be shaped to work for me. I want more flexibility in my work and to do something that I’m really passionate about. I have contacted a lot of people in the ski world (skiing is my no.1 passion) and am now helping a US ski magazine startup launch their business in Europe. I have attended two fantastic events in England  (the Escape to the Woods weekend and the world first ‘Yestival‘) and I have realised that there are so many people like me out there, who also want to escape their corporate careers. One of my thoughts at the moment is to set up work as a VA for certain types of startup companies but I am still not sure about that. The biggest thing I have done recently that shows a real change in my story is when I went completely out of my comfort zone and hosted the Zurich World Escape Day in September. Public speaking has been one of my biggest fears so far but I just went and did it, and it was ok!

What’s does the next chapter have in store?
I wish I knew, but I’ve learned that I’ve just gotta go with the flow, follow my heart and gut and take baby steps towards what I want. I definitely want to do something more meaningful, contributing to a worthwhile cause rather than just earning money. I’ve always been quite sporty but I am now also learning to take better care of myself by listening to what my body needs more and responding to that.

Whatever the future has in store, it’s certainly better than it was and I’m now looking forwards, rather than just feeling frustrated in a situation I felt I couldn’t change.

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