WPP People: Poet Lidy Wilks shares her creative process

I promised you I’d introduce you to more of ‘my people’ this year and it’s been a while but I have a few good ones (not that any of my people are bad!) lined up. First up is poet Lidy Wilks. I first ‘met’ Lidy via twitter, and last April she invited me to take part in her 30 Days of Poetry Love interview series, which I really enjoyed.

I’d been meaning to invite Lidy here to ask her a few questions so when she said she would be releasing her debut poetry chapbook, Can You Catch My Flow? this spring, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce her, learn more about her creative process and to find out the inspiration behind one of her poems, Resilient, which I love and has also resonated with some of my coaching clients. So, I’ll hand you over to Lidy now…

Thanks for having me today Rachael!

Can You Catch My FlowThe creative process of writing Can You Catch My Flow? was no different from writing an individual poem. An idea whispered to me. Then I listened and followed. I collected my old poems and wrote some new ones, ordering them to create the tone they wanted to be in. Arranging and rearranging, revising and editing, so the reader can follow along, and evoke their own trip down memory lane.

Assembling the chapbook reinforced my love for this creative process of listening and following. The thrill of enchantment from the journey of inspiration and writing a poem, and the surprise at where it will lead me.

Take for example, my poem Resilient, which was actually inspired by the movie Ever After, a film whose plot centers on the true love story behind the Grimm brothers’ Cinderella. The main character, Danielle de Barbarac, is in another confrontation with Prince Henry. When she says this line: β€œThey are the legs you stand on and that position demands respect.” I heard: They are the legs you stand on. Legs. We are legs. Legs. Weight. Burdensome. Fulfilling. Round and round, those words filled my head. Demanding me to follow the breadcrumbs of ‘leg’, and ‘stand’ to create a poem. So I did what I’ve always done. I listened and followed. And little by little, the poem took shape. It told me the tone it wanted to take, words and lines rearranged or cut. And with some constructive criticism from the creator of VerseWrights, eventually Resilient was born.


Can I tell you why I that particular quote inspired me so? Especially when I’ve watched the movie at least a hundred times? Nope, I can’t. The closest explanation I can get is that everyone has a weight that they bear. Maybe it’s thrust upon us, or we take it on ourselves willingly. Yet to bear that weight without giving up is amazing, is it not…?

Can You Catch My Flow? is Lidy’s debut release. She lives in Virginia with her husband and two children and when she’s not writing, can be found adding to her anime, book and manga library, while eating milk chocolate and sipping a glass of Cabernet. Her book is available now at Amazon and you can get to know her better over at her blog, Paving My Author’s Road.

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